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ArousedWoman(TM) Radio
"ArousedWoman Radio with Trish Causey" is a new show based on this site, the AW Blog, as well as trish's personal causes within the realm of Human Rights.

AW Radio covers politics, sex, and showtunes! ... all those touchy topics you're not supposed to discuss on a first date -- but

Currently, trish has a fundraising campaign via
GoFundMe to get AW Radio off the ground.  Check out the cool Rewards for each level of donation -- all of which are tax-deductible.

To call in during a LIVE show, call (347) 884-8792. International listeners can click the blue Skype button to call in with your Skype account.

To listen online, go to ArousedWoman Radio with Trish Causey and post your questions or comments in the chat room.

For updates on show topics, follow trish on
Twitter and subscribe to the AW Blog.

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