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Anatomy of the Female Body
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ArousedWoman icon (c) 2012 by Trish CauseyWelcome to ArousedWoman, which is focused on Awakening Sexuality in Mind, Body, & Spirit. 

I'm trish -- a writer-composer,
trouble-maker, vagina warrior, vocal talent, survivor, teacher, & orgasm goddess.

Arouse means to "stir to action, to awaken." As an activist for women's rights, this felt right to me.  Arouse also means "to awaken," and I loved the correlation of this "awakening" with my path in Tantra and Kundalini yoga, as well as my reclaiming my body and spirit after years of being overweight and a bad marriage, plus other traumas.

As a single mom, to a daughter, I understand the struggles women face. As a survivor of sexual abuse, both as a child and as an adult, I know how difficult it is to walk the path of Survivor.  My blog is my space in reclaiming my body as a sexual woman along with my psyche and my spirit as a vocal activist for women's issues.

On my blog, I help women and men understand women's needs and women's sexuality.  Women's sexuality has been maligned by religion, disregarded by Western medicine and academia, and currently being violated by lawmakers. 

Women's issues fall under the umbrella of Human Rights, and as a Humanist, I support and work for the protection of these basic, inalienable rights.  As I'm fond of saying, "Human Rights are non-negotiable."  To learn more, read the About page.

Feel free to click the links to the Blog and the ArousedWoman Radio show.  Be sure to check out the Store section, as every purchase helps fund the upkeep of this site.  I am also very active on Twitter.

Thank YOU for loving women and helping us end the right-wing, fundamentalist tyranny against girls, women, our bodies, & our spirits!

To learn more about me, my creations, & my activism, visit my website.


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